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Mounted Police Unit

Date: 2020-07-20       Data Source: KCPD       

Kaohsiung City Police Department Mounted Police Unit

Select Elites For Strict Training  

With its duties of maintaining social order and attracting tourists, all members of Mounted Police Unit were interviewed according to their virtue, service sincerity, physical fitness, English language proficiency besides the limitations of weights and heights. Those with good appearances and well manner had priority in adoption. Members must receive serve and intensive training for one and half months. After passing E-Degree of dressage test, they became formal members of the Mounted Police Unit. In addition to routine duty, they have to take their regular training once a week to promote exquisite horsemanship.

Surmount Obstacle
No Dead Space In Social Order

The unit takes advantage of horse’s priority in speed, agile mobility, and beyond terrain limitation that makes mounted police officers to occupy a commanding position to enforce regular patrol around Cijin Beach Park, forest, other districts and landforms where general transportation is not easy to reach and can efficiently go deep into dead space of social order to keep traffic flow smooth and enforce duty flexibly. If drowning events happened, they can ride horses to give them the aid immediately. If gangsters commit crimes, they can also apprehend them by horse’s priority and training skills.

Tips For Approaching Horses-
Utter a voice firstly. Slow down. Pat their nets gently. Don’t pat their rumps. Don’t use umbrellas and a flags. Horses are timid animals as well as natural quarries. Therefore, horses will escape from those that attempt to threaten them. However, they will intend to attack while they cannot escape. How do we observe a horse emotion? It expresses emotion by ears. When ears become straight, it means it eyes the front. When ears straighten back, it means it is nervous and angry and attack may happen. As a result, when the above situations happen, riders or tourists may voice “o” and pat its neck gently to pacify its nervous emotion. A horse can view in 340 angles, only it cannot see its own rump. When something approaches it rump and other things prevent it from escaping, (e.g. a rider on the horseback control a horse with a rein.) a horse will attack backward. Consequently, never pat a horse’s rump.

Valuable In Kaohsiung City – Mounted Police Unit

Besides maintaining social order in scenic areas, they also play an important role as tourism police by performing in activities everywhere and sceneries, providing immediate services for citizens and combining with local sightseeing industry. Where can we see handsome boys and beauties on the horseback? You don’t have to go abroad or admire Europe and America. In Maritime Capital-Kaohsiung City, Cijin Beach, there are crowds of mounted police officers on the horseback with beautiful uniforms. On weekends and holidays, citizens can take pictures with them and consult relevant horse information. Crackdown and interference images of police are out of date. Mounted police will bring fresh and friendly images from now.
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