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Police Criminal Record Certificate
Data Source: Foreign Affairs Division       

Police Criminal Record Certificate

You can apply for this certificate in person or via the Internet.
(a) Applications in Person
For applications made in person you need to submit the following information:
1. An application form filled out.
2. The following documents as required:
(i) ROC citizens: an original and a photocopy of your ID card
(ii) Overseas Chinese: your passport and a copy of your deleted domicile registration.
(iii) Foreigners: an original and a photocopy of your passport and ARC.
A payment of NT$100 per copy is required.
(b) Internet applications
For applications made via the Internet please do the following:
1. Please log on the website at: http://eli.npa.gov.tw/E7WebO/index01.jsp; and then type in your personal data. After thirty minutes, confirm that the application has been accepted by dialing 221-5796. (For applicants from outside Taiwan, dial 886-7-221-5796.)
2. A payment of NT$100 per copy is required. Please make this payable to “Kaohsiung City Police Department”. Applicants from overseas may send payment in cash: NT$100 (please also include return postage.)
3. Send payment in a self-addressed, registered mail envelope to "Kaohsiung City Police Department". Mark the envelope “Police Criminal Record Certificate”.
It usually takes two working days from the date of the application to process the application; sometimes, however, the processing time will exceed this as court records need to be checked.
(c) Additional Information
Please carefully note the following:
1.Please ensure that the English name that appears on the Police Criminal Record Certificate is identical to one that appears in your passport.
2.If you have appeared in court, please enclose the relevant judicial documents. This will help to shorten the processing time.
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