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(C) Fire Safety

Date: 2020-07-20       Data Source: Foreign Affairs Division       

Police and Ambulance: 110 (24 hours) Fire: 119 (24 hours)
Foreign Affairs Police Station:07-2154342(24 hours)

1. Keep a lightweight fire extinguisher in the home and know how to use it.
2. Before you sleep or leave your home, check that the gas and any unnecessary electrical appliances have been turned off.
3. Have a fire evacuation plan, and arrange a meeting place outside the home for everyone in the family to gather in the event of a fire. Never re-enter a burning building.
4. Avoid using faulty electrical wiring or lighting. Be careful when using cooking and heating appliances.
5. In the event of a fire, get your family out and call the fire department.
6. When in public buildings, know where the emergency exits are, and in the event of a fire do not use elevators.
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