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Date: 2020-07-20       Data Source: KCPD       

Organizational Chart of Kaohsiung City Police Department

There are 3 layers of Organizational Chart of Kaohsiung City Police Department:
1st. Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, Chief Secretary, Senior Executive Officer.
2nd. Duty Dispatch Division, Prevention and Control Division, Foreign Affairs Division,Logistics Division,Public Order Division,  Training Division, Crime Prevention Division, Personnel Office, Civil Service Ethics Office, Secretariat Office, Inspectors' Office, Public Security Divison, Legal Affairs Office, Accounting Office, Public Relations Office, Information Management Office, Statistics Office, Duty Command Center, Forensic Science Center, Civil Defense Operations Center.

3rd. Sinsing Precint, Lingya Precinct, Sanmin First Precinct, Sanmin Second Precinct, Zuoying Precinct, Cianjhen Precinct, Gushan Precinct, Yancheng Precinct, Siaogang Precinct, Nanzih Precinct, Fongshan Precinct, Renwu Precinct, Gangshan Precinct, Linyuan Precinct, Hunei Precinct, Cishan Precinct, Liouguei Precinct, Public Safety Corps, Criminal Investigation Corps,Traffic Police Corps, Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Brigade, Women and Children Protection Brigade, Rapid Transit Police Brigade, Communications Brigade.
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